Secure Online Backup

Having a multi-faceted backup strategy has long been a truism of business computing - from the hierarchical systems of the 70s and 80s to swapping out external disk drives today.

The service builds on top of your existing backup processes by adding a secure, off-site and encrypted backup to the existing processes used by your business. The software that runs on your systems manages the secure connection between your office and the remote servers, ensuring the files you are backing up are kept in sync with changes as they are made.

The service has no storage limits and after the initial full backup, it monitors the managed folders and adds changes to the backup in real time. The service is priced per computer backed up.


The synchronization service allows syncing folders between a folder (or set of folders) on one computer with folders on a second. So, for example, if you have a desktop PC and a laptop, this component of the service allows you to keep both sides completely synchronized.

It's also possible to synchronize with an external disk drive, to provide, for example, a local copy of active files.

The synchronization component is an integral part of the desktop client software and is limited only by the free space available on both devices involved in the process.

Secure sharing

As with services like Box and Dropbox and devices like the Transporter, the share component enables you to nominate a folder or set of folders which can be shared with third parties.

And to provide security, it can be password protected for sharing with colleagues, friends or family.