What's important?

In your business, the files you create, the emails you send and receive, not to mention the personal files (photos, music, and so on) stored on your computer, all are an important component of your life.

And if you lost them?

Many businesses have local backups (and so many don't, it's sad to say), but if a local disaster occurred - a fire, a theft - local backups won't help get your business back on its feet.

In partnership with SpiderOak, using their small-business Blue service, BackupServices.ca is an extremely secure remote backup service that will back up everything you have for a low monthly fee - providing you with peace of mind for your files.


The SpiderOak client software installed on each of your computers has a secure, encrypted connection to the remote server. The data is transmitted and stored in a format that is inaccessible without the encryption key.


The service is managed and monitored by BackupServices.ca (a service of Dougan Consulting Group, Inc.) through a Web-based dashboard.


Only you and BackupServices.ca have access to the backed up files - the service provider, SpiderOak Blue, has no way of decrypting the data held on their servers.